Surin Beach or Hat Surin it Turned up approximately 24 kms from town and only in a short space north maybe 14 kilometers of Patong Beach. Surin Beach still has a small village ambiance Holidays on the Beach Surin Thailand, but this is gradually altering as more and more major housing developments and hotel projects get underway in Phuket Thailand.

On the Surin Holidays Beach

Surin Islands Marine National Park, Thailand, April 2011. Alone in the world. The forested green Surin Islands boast some of Thailands best preserved coral reefs. The fact that they are in shallow water makes it a snorkelers paradise. Thousands of brightly colored fish can be seen going about their daily life Holidays on the Beach Surin Thailand

Surin Holidays on the Beach

The beach itself is lined with tall casuarina trees and small Thai style eating houses. There is no nightlife to speak of, but there are many lineament restaurants helping a variety of cuisines. Surin beach can become quite unsafe in the monsoon season due to its steeply sloping beach, and many unwary swimmers have lost their lives here ; however this has not discouraged the local surf partizans and when the waves are right youll see many Thais on surfboards.

The beach borders on a hillside. To the north are groves of large pine trees and a golf course. Surin beach is not recommended for swimming because of its steepness and heavy seas and winds during the Monsoon season.

On the beach there are numerous restaurants offering Thai and Western food days and night.

During the high season from November to April the water here is a nice light blue, suitable for swimming and snorkeling. The rocks at both ends of the beach are particularly good for the recovery of some colorful reef fish including parrot fish abundant. Often there is a boat available for banana boating and skiing.

Surin Beach and Phuket During low season the wave conditions can be treacherous for those not used to swim in big waves. With tears and sudden precipices in water depths provides a submerging victim or more each year. For surfboarders, but when the wind is offshore and the tide right wing you can get some great beach breaks.

Surin was hit by the Boxing Day tsunami, even though, as the hotels are well off the beach, the damage was quite clear.

One kilometer north of Laem Sing Beach lies the popular Surin Beach. As of now this beach has not been developed and is a quiet bay, lined with a row of stately Casuarina trees.

A tropical beach with pine trees rather than palm trees may seem out of place to many, but the local Thais flock to this beach on weekends and holidays and bask in the shade provided by these unusual trees.

At the center of the front of the beach is occupied by a dozen Thai beach-style mini restaurants serving up fish to fry hungry visitors. Surin Beach is usually the second stop on the safari North Beach and a good place for lunch, because the next step beach is not serving food.

For the swimmer careful Surin offers some good snorkeling opportunities at both ends of the beach, but during the rainy season, water visibility is not very good. Large waves that are common on Surin beach during the monsoon season have caused a sharp drop from the shore line of water and can create dangerous undertow conditions.

During high tide, when waves are big and running swiftly good surfing conditions exist here and is becoming an increasingly popular sport. There are no vendors renting surfboards on the beach yet, but that could change in future. Good sailing conditions may make it dangerous for swimming and care must be taken with children and non swimmers Holidays on the Beach Surin Thailand.

On the Surin Holidays Beach

Get There Surin on the Beach In Phuket

Surin Beach is about 20 minutes away from Phuket Airport. An airport co-op taxi costs 450 bath, while a metered taxi may do the trip for as little as 300. For the way back, the local taxi mafia wants 600 baht.

Blue-and-white songthaews trundle past along the main road to Phuket Townspeople and Kamala Beach, but there are no direct connections to Patong. Tuk-Tuks lying in wait at the convergence in front of the beach demand a non negotiable 350 baht for the trip.