Sra Morakot Krabi and Klong Thorn Hot Springs There are always two prices to pay in Thailand. The first price is cheap and only for locals. The second price is always at least a 200% increase over the first price, and is charged to foreigners.

Bang Kram of Krabi houses the last lower plain land that provides water source and wildlife’s habitation. Its ecological system maintains natural fertility. The hot springs stream down over rock slopes, forming this lovely 3-meter-high, three -tiered cascade. Each tier has 1 to 5 meter deep limestone basin. Refreshing natural surroundings and moderately warm water (40 – 42 degree celsius) that is good for the health attract Thai locals and tourists to come and swim here.

With my copper-coloured hair and Chinese descent, I am able to pass easily for a local. So my guides Roj and Nava do all the talking whilst I pretend to be their deaf-mute cousin. In this devious manner, we manage to avoid paying ridiculous entrance fees to most attractions.

Our first stop is the Klong Thorn Hot Springs, where gazing at the clear blue sky while hot waters gush about me as I lay there is amazing. My heart aches for some female attention. It suddenly hits me how questionable it looks to be in a hot spring with two other men. "Gentlemen, it’s time to move on to our next destination," I promptly declare คลองม่วง กระบี่.

สระมรกต อัญมณีสีเขียวในผืนป่ากระบี่

Sa Morakot

Just 10 minutes away from Klong Thorn is the romantically named Sa Morakot or the Emerald Pool. Reaching the actual pool is a pain – you either trek through heavy jungle or walk up a steep slope for about 20 minutes.

One look at Sa Morakot, and I feel like Dorothy when she first laid eyes on the Emerald City of Oz. There is nothing more amazing than a huge body of shimmering, clear turquoise water. from sa morakot can go to sra kaew 2 minute.

Since there is no changing room, I jump in, fully clothed – much to the amusement of the other locals bathing there. (Note to readers: It may be a good idea to bring a towel and a change of shorts in Krabi – in case you’re seduced, like I was, by the lovely ponds that beckon to be enjoyed!).

Sra Morakot Photo Gallery

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