When we come ! "Why don’t we go swimming immediately ?" ….After we swam just a few minutes, we not yet to stop swimming because of cool winter and foreigners from anywhere joined with us to drive and swim. The swim provides a great way to relax and relieve our tired body Please be careful when you are walking on the edges of the pool. It is very slippery because of high calcium carbonate deposits.

After our refreshing swim in the emerald pool, we proceeded to another way for go back because we would like to see the forest, actually this way far more than first way is about 1.2 kilometers but we don’t to be tried because this forest It’s wonderful feeling of warm spring and we bought something from the members of a community for support them.

The emerald pool had a notices is "Don’t take all food bring to here" Although a egg "Don’t take it also". I think It’s very well for help to keep clean of place because I have never found garbage anymore. Tag : by Nong Poo Nareerat S.

Sra Morakot a feel anymore

Even though the water of Sra Morakot is crystal clear, it is not suitable for drinking due to its high calcium carbonate content which can cause gallstone. The calcium carbonate (CaCO2) from the spring water of Sra Morakot is deposited more on the edges of the pool than in the bottom. This is because the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the carbonic acid solution (H2CO3) in the spring water vaporizes better along the edges of the pool than in the bottom. Along the slopes leading down to the pool where there is water seepage from the ground, calcium carbonate is also deposited, producing a soft, slippery form.

Bacteria and algae in the water, along with the water temperature, determines the colour of the water of Sra Morakot. Where the water temperature is high, the water is greenish blue; where the temperature is lower, it is pale green. Visitors are advised not to use detergent, shampoos and soap when bathing in Sra Morakot, as these substances may affect the algae and the colour of the water of Sra Morakot.

สระมรกต อัญมณีสีเขียวในผืนป่ากระบี่

Sramorakot (The emerald lake) At the Prabangkram wildlife safety park, there is a green lake in the middle of forest where is the centre of many natural hot streams. It has pale blue-green water and has temperature about 30-50 degree. This is the reason to give it name ‘Sramorakot’ or ‘Emerald lake’ It is1.5-2 metres deep, 25 metres long and 20 metres wide.

After lunch we headed out into the jungle, it was about a 1.5 hour drive from where we were then a 1km walk to the Emerald Pool! Locally known as Sra Morakot or Sramorakot.

The name of the place was Khao nor Chu Che Lowland Evergreen Forest – the light was beautiful for photographing the greenery. The water at the pool is really Emerald colour, it’s caused by mineral build ups as it’s natural spring water and it’s carbonated! It’s very invigorating to swim in the pool, especially after the long walk. The spring water comes naturally from up the hill.

You can really see the Emerald colour here. After the 1km walk back it was a 10-15 minute drive the hot springs at Khao Pra-Bang Kram famous waterfall hot springs, the water is about 40-42 Celcius.

เที่ยว สระมรกต กระบี่

Sra Morakot Photo Gallery

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